Purely Natural Lifestyle

We created this branding for a fantastic blog and social awareness initiative discussing the amount harsh toxins and chemicals in our lives and how we can avoid them. As a resource for clean living techniques,?news, and awareness, the Purely Natural Lifestyle provides numerous ways to remove harsh chemicals, toxins, and pollutants from your home and […]

Dandelion Development

How do you create a masculine looking logo out of the name of a flower…well actually a weed? Dandelion……Dandelion…..Dande-lion….Dande Lion! Just break it down.

Mrs. Thinsters Cookies

Mmmm. Cookies! They say it’s great when you get a chance to work on something you love. Well, I don’t know how you can’t love working?with cookies.? ?We helped the Mrs. Thinster’s brand of cookies with their visual packaging, store displays, and presentation materials. Oh yea, and we may have done our fair share of […]

Veggie Straws

Who doesn’t love Veggie Straws? I know we do! And we love creating the packaging and collateral for these delicious snacks from Sensible Portions. As their core creative team, we would create the package mechanicals, concept designs, marketing collateral and presentation materials.

NYIT Auditorium on Broadway

NYIT took an opportunity to convert a vacant movie theater on Manhattan?s famous Broadway?and near their city campus?into a world-class presentation space. Their largest problem was standing out among the large number of prime theaters in the area. Using striking black and yellow foil stamping on black paper, along with the actual city-street overview printed […]

CORE Digital Talent

CORE Digital Talent places digital artists and designers into?freelance and career opportunities. It is a part of a larger staffing agency with multiple specialties. Recently, the parent company changed their visual brand over to a nature theme, and all the divisions within it must conform to that theme. But what does nature have to do […]

WDW Radio Logos

WDW Radio is one of the most popular podcasts focused on the Disney?theme parks. The host, Lou Mongello is an internationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, and social media expert. We are happy to have partnered with Lou and help create branding for some of the show’s special events, merchandise and milestones. We also built the personal […]

COPE Psychiatry

The Centers for Psychiatric Excellence?(COPE) are a chain of specialized?psychiatric centers that utilizing cutting-edge treatment methods to help some of the most?dire patients. We created a brand mark for them that is modern, clean and unique. It uses a string interlocking circles to promote a cycle of care to create the main acronym.? To complement […]

Julie Tran Deily Personal Branding

Julie Tran Deily, the very successful food and travel blogger behind thelittlekitchen.net,?asked us to develop her a?personal brand.? Under this brand, Julie is promoting her coaching, speaking and other talents that she has developed over the years of creating a name for herself in the blogging world. Knowing Julie’s always smiling personality, we wanted to […]

Book Cover Design

A book cover not only needs to speak to you?it needs to literally make the book jump off the shelf and into your arms. We have created many covers that been instrumental in driving sales.