About the project

Julie Tran Deily, the very successful food and travel blogger behind thelittlekitchen.net,?asked us to develop her a?personal brand.? Under this brand, Julie is promoting her coaching, speaking and other talents that she has developed over the years of creating a name for herself in the blogging world. Knowing Julie’s always smiling personality, we wanted to create a brand that really captured her fun, but professional nature. We also had to utilize a small element that carried over from the blog, the yellow heart. Displaying her first name in a refreshing script font that we slightly customized, it gives a welcoming feel, almost?as if she wrote in there herself, and accented with our?heart graphic. The rest of her name sits nicely in a little pocket below it in a very clean sans serif. And all of it is (almost) wrapped in a nice and clean professional?box…except for those points where Julie breaks out and lets her personality shine through.